I might not have somebody special next to me, but she’s out there, waiting for me.

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Certain females that never cared about you start noticing you and try to hop on your shaft when:

1) They’re having problems with their boyfriend
2) Their boyfriends leave them for another girl
3) You’re Successful and making loads of cash

And with that said, I post this link.

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  • 1 week ago

Free Daze

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  • 1 week ago

A lot of things have been on my mind as of late, and I thought I share it here.

Middle Eastern girls who are Muslim. I’ve met quite a few throughout my lifetime. Especially one that I’m working with at my job; attractive, goofy, smart, independent, beautiful accent and down to earth person. Pretty much someone that every guy would want to date, right? But the one thing that stops most of them dead in their tracks, is the fact that she’s Muslim, and in that religion, if a man is non-Muslim he cannot date nor marry a Muslim girl (stated in Qur’an). But on the flip-side, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman with ease… which I think is fucked up. What’s even more fucked up is if a woman of Islamic faith, marries a man who is non-Muslim and / or converting from Muslim to be a christian or whatnot, that woman ends up murdered by her own family members / non-family members of the Islamic faith, in other words, “Honor Killing”.

I’ve heard stories on the news of a Pakistani girl killed by their own brother and father in Mississauga… just because she wanted more freedom and away from the stresses of the Islamic Tradition and her own fathers rules. I’ve read about Malala Yousafzai who got shot in the head by a Taliban because she endorses education. A Sudanese pregnant woman who was sentenced to death because she converted from Muslim to Christianity. Another pregnant Pakistani woman killed by family members in broad daylight for marrying the man she loved… should I go any further?

The human race is sickening, especially these kinds of humans. It makes me livid cause its like these women don’t even have a chance at ALL! Even much as one religion shouldn’t dictate that all religion should be abolished, religion has divided people and has cause more damage and is continuing to do so to this day. Christianity is another. Me personally, I can’t find love and happiness through religion as much as I was brought up a Christian, and I only believe in God. What I CAN take from it, is that you should love others, the ten commandments, and pretty much anything from the bible that makes sense to me and which I can apply in my life. In terms of who I want to choose as my girlfriend (who can lead to be a potential wife), I will love her for her, and I would want her to be the same. To see one feel wanted, loved, and happy, with no strings attached and shit, is the best feeling ever. Religion should not even have to play a part in the relationship and throughout, especially when it comes to women who are Muslim. Trying to convert somebody is a waste of time, but I feel for the ladies who follow the faith. To the family members of that faith: if you are a religion of peace, why are so many women getting murdered to death for loving somebody outside their own faith? It’s not stated in the Qur’an, and I’m definitely sure that there are people of that faith who are completely against it and not just others like myself who are non-Muslim. It is inhumane and for those who support this are sick in the head.

In conclusion, I feel every person has a right to love somebody. Religion is man-made to control people but all it has done is cause chaos. I feel without religion, we wouldn’t have anything to kill or die for, and the world would be a much better place to live in, and no book to dictate our lives. I would date a Pakistani girl who is Muslim. I’m not afraid to say it. If she wants to change her religion, so let it be. If she wants to marry this man right here, let it be. Don’t murder women for having options and opinions. Its their joy you’re taking away. They are human too.

Also, Love Marriages over Arranged Marriages. That is all.

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So, I just had a very eventful day with one of my great friends in Toronto; Long walks & japanese food! and somewhere during our time together, she asked me if I’ve been seeing any girls or have a girlfriend. My response to her was a simple “no”, and it led onto a conversation about girls mostly and how most of them act nowadays, which I couldn’t agree more with, and its something that I’ve been experiencing throughout my interaction with ladies alike. So here it is…

1) This specifically goes to women who plays these so-called games with men, for I think most women nowadays are too snobby and illogical thinkers. It’s such a pain in the ass to deal with these types, and its something that I’ve seen happen to other men like myself. Its like you know what you want, but you settle for shit. Leading men on; playing with their minds as if they’re puppets on a string for your own entertainment. It’s women like you who deserve / should deserve hell in your life for messing with the wrong people, when all we’re trying to do is to get to know you more better, whether we’re hanging out or not.

2) You want men to respect you, and you want a man to know you for what you are on the inside and not on the outside, yet you got a certain shape and clothing on you which all men can’t ignore since we’re visual creatures, and dissing us to your friends or other guys for no reason, without even thinking that maybe he could be looking for something more than just your body. Don’t blame us men for having our eyes on your assets when you’re mostly showcasing them on purpose. Some men call that “Thirst Trap”.

3) No bitch can ever be straight up with a dude. It’s like you’re digging a bigger whole for you to be buried in without even realizing it. If a man is interested in you and you’re not interested in him at all, don’t waste his time. He can be better off with somebody else or doing something else instead of having to deal with a female who can’t seem to make up her mind. It’s either you’re interested in him or you’re not. We’re not psychics.

It’s like a guide book for a generation of women that doesn’t even exist. It’s the stupidest shit. Like, whether its just wanting to be friends and getting to know the girl, that girl makes it either hard for you, or to the point where she can’t even be trusted anymore. I’ve had that happen to me countless times, and its like a never-ending cycle that will keep going on and on unless a purge happens. I have no reason to play games with women, cause that’s not what I was raised to do. Why would I want to waste my time fucking with women’s feelings when I can just give them honesty? Isn’t that what you women want? Honesty from a man? I feel like I’ve said so much about love, men & women, wants, needs, to where I’m just really tired of it. I can only have so much patience for these things, but its running thin… I equally blame the men out there as much as the women for their way of thinking as well for the women to act this way…….

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  • 1 month ago

You ever had any thoughts about shooting someone or just stabbing somebody multiple times in the back because that somebody you thought was your friend, was just using you like a puppet on a string?

I think I just care too much. I feel that more of my feelings are being let out too easily (or just being too open about myself) instead of logic coming into play, but hey, I’ve learned a lot of shit the hard way throughout my life so I see no end to this…

Ontario, you got to have the worst selection of women, period. Why almost all of my posts has to be about women and shit, cause women right now piss me the fuck off and they make me want to line them up in no particular order and kick them in a fucking big ass black hole while I’m yelling “THIS IS SPARTA!”.

One song that is just playing in my head like a broken record, Sung by Nelly Furtado and Jelleestone: Friendamine

Bible says love your enemies, people say to forgive and to forget. I’ve been following that path for way too long… doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it for those that deserve it most, and I don’t curse people.

Know who your true friends are… don’t trust no bitch that will only be there for a moment, and especially those who have boyfriends (jealous or not)… I could say more, but that is all…

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  • 2 months ago

Competition ♂ ♀

Why in the world does there have to be competition for a girl that you like? What is there to gain from all this? Probably some ass and move on to the next girl.

Like no matter which girl it is, I end up finding out that another guy is on “pursuit” for this woman, and that I already “lost” and shit, or how I need to step my game up since he’s got the girl wrapped around his finger.

It’s the stupidest shit. All this competition to gain a woman’s heart is not worth it. I rather just be myself, build a friendship with her, and down the road, if she decides that she wants to be with me, then so be it. If nothing happens, nothing happens.

Realistically speaking, the ultimatum lies in a girl’s hand for who she wants in her life. I just don’t think “Competition” really go hand in hand with who I am as a person.

♂ ♀

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  • 2 months ago

Hanging Out = Dating? + Jealous Boyfriends

I think its fucked up that this generation of women and men included has fucked up the term “hanging out”. Nowadays when I’m asking a girl if she wants to hang out, its taken as “asking you out on a date”.

No, I’m not asking you out on a date. If I wanted to go on a date with you, I would be asking you “Do you want to go out on a date with me?” I’ve been getting this shit throughout my teenage years til now, and its getting real annoying at this point.

Jealous boyfriends fit this category too. Early afternoon I asked one of my friends if she is free tonight so we can go play some rhythm & racing games at Playdium, says she’s won’t be available and that she’ll be with her boyfriend and sister for the weekend. I’m like okay, cool. Then the boyfriend apparently takes her phone, sends me text messages saying how I should lay off, why I keep “asking her out on a date”, and the one question that pissed me the fuck off, “Would you like to be the ‘third wheel’?”.

This was laughable at first but it got me thinking how fucked this generation of people are. I can’t deal with stupidity. Nothing about women that would make me say, “this girl is very interesting and fun to be around with; I would like to know some more about her”. It’s like these girls have fucking zippers on their lips; can’t they speak up and let me know if they wanna hang and not leave me in the dark? And I wonder to myself how do the teenagers nowadays get it so easy? It just makes no sense to me. Jealous boyfriends are pussy. Period. Just because I’m on good terms with a girl and accepting her for her, doesn’t mean I’m trying to ask her out on a date and bang her, and then he wanna say some shit like “You Got Me ;)”, bitch please… Jealous boyfriends need their balls cut off so they don’t reproduce stupidity in the world and ejaculate all in the women’s insides.

It’s completely a waste of time having to deal with these things. I don’t play games with people, women especially. It would be real great if my time wasn’t disrespected and wasted all these years, cause I could’ve been doing something better with it.

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Friend Zoning Yourself?

I never really did put thought into this. Usually its the other way around where females say they see you more as a brother or their best friend and that it could hurt the relationship between each other.

Thinking about it now, It’s bringing me back to that one episode from Zoey 101 where Chase and Zoey actually had feelings for each other, and Chase fucked up his chances by waiting til Zoey moved to another school.

"Friend Zoning Yourself"… I’m usually friend zoned / let down easy by women, but friend zoning yourself? … maybe losing out on opportunities to get the girl you’ve had a crush on but waited til the last minute to tell her how you felt about her or asking her out even? Or probably just like the other way around, he only sees her as a friend and nothing more, and fucks up cause he could’ve had something great with her…

It’s also making me think back in 2010 when I was working at a factory and saw this cute indian girl, and waited til the last day of work to tell her how i felt. She thanked me but said it wouldn’t work since she was moving to Ottawa to do Journalism. Haven’t seen her since that moment.

This also made me think of the time I was cuddling with this one girl and I ended up friend zoning her.

Maybe I’m just overthinking things… as I’m here thinking, improving, accepting my flaws, going through life… The term “Friend Zoning Yourself” was something that I thought I’d ever come across.

I can say that I have had opportunities in my life to approach a girl. Some given, some missed, some completely ignored. I dunno… I think I’m making it more complicated than it looks…

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